A non-profit organisation for the creative public.

PUBLIC SERVICE ORGANISATION was founded in June 2023 by Sofie Schmidt (head of organisation & creative producer), Magda Markova (producer), Sarah Thomsen (producer) & Sophie Gevind (founder & story director).

Vision: Ensure equality, inclusion, and diversity within the creative industry.

Mission: Lower the barriers to the creative industry.

With PUBLIC TALENTS, education, knowledge, creativity, conversation, and events - together we can lower barriers, define a more inclusive culture and establish positive behaviours within our field as well as the wider world.

If you wish to collaborate with us, chat or chip in - please reach out.

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︎ PUBLIC TALENTS: This is a closed group of 95 creatives from all fields and crafts. We meet and connect for shared missions, passions and conversations.


︎ Education: Knowledge and insights change behaviour. We meet for learning, sharing of experiences and networking through workshops, talks  events.

︎ Reporting: ‘Representation and discrimination in the Danish creative industries’ will be an annual report. Our education, creativity and events will all be based on the data and insights collected here. 

︎ Creativity: We (obviously) believe that creativity can change the world, without the world feeling pain and oppression. We use our creative craft and industry to elevate, push and expand conversations, insights, and knowledge. 

︎ Events: People are craving reality. While digital accessibility is a high priority, we strive to always meet in the real world. This is through parties, network events, exhibitions or creative meet-ups.

Magda Markova (she/her)
Sarah Thomsen (she/her)
Sofie Schmidt (she/her)

Sophie Gevind (she/her)
Jenifer Tonndorff (she/her)
Hana Torseke (she/her)
Steffen Johansen (he/him)
Rich Perusi (he/him)
Clarissa Daverne (she/her)
Kooma Kriistina (she/they)
Rosa Lois Balle Yahiya (she/her)
Line Dalika Winther (she/they)
Soffi Ernst Mbenga (she/her)

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