Ask – Define and design the core story, tone of voice and visual identity.

25 years ago, three idealists founded Super16. As an alternative to the Danish Filmschool, everything was thought of differently.

There are no teachers, no hierarchy, no safety net. An association run by the students themselves manages this three-year education.

Super16 is a fragile moment between chaos and structure.
Between individual and community.
Between fiction and reality. 
The identity is designed to scale up for the promotion of the school, its students and events.

And opposite, is to scale all the way down to let their films, stills, and craft take up the space and attention.

On top of that – it’s an identity that will be in the hands of new people every 2 years. And none of them will be graphic designers.

As with Building Diveristy, it was mandatory to build a brand book with a design and layout system so clear and easy to use that anyone could do it (almost).

The Super16 identity resembles the structure in chaos, and vice versa.
The white blank paper, the blackness of a cinema.
And then we introduced “SuperGul” (SuperYellow). A colour used for subtitles, warnings and subtle details.

Story Direction

Visual Direction


Art Direction

Graphic Design

Motion Design
Sophie Gevind

Oskar Martinussen

Magda Markova & Sarah Thomsen

Sofie Schmidt

Robyn Collinson

François Andrivet