Webshop, vibrator boutique, sextoy designer? Klub Venus had grown into the question: Where do we stand, and what do we stand for?

How we experience pleasure is personal. How we achieve pleasure is personal. How (and with whom) we speak about pleasure is personal.

The identity of Klub Venus is pleasure without shame or guilt - while leaving space and room for those who just entered the conversation.

As long as everyone involved is comfortable and safe:
There’s no right or wrong way to use pleasure objects.
There’s no right or wrong way to love or play.
There’s no right or wrong way to please your pleasure.

Project management
Magda Markova

Julie Schiøtt

Story Direction
Sophie Gevind

Creative Direction
Stine Emil

Art Direction
Clara Lie & Melanie Njoh

Logo design
Morgane Lambert

Line Bo & Sophie Gevind & Rebecca Wells

Motion & Visual Support
François Andrivet