Folks is an ethical employment company for people of colour in the Danish service industry.

ASK ︎︎︎ Define and design the core story, tone of voice, visual identity and website.
Every day the people of Folks
serve and support kitchens and offices with the hands and hearts that keep their businesses flowing (and not spilling!).

Core story

Founded by immigrants, Folks in pursuit of better integration and social support for people of colour working in the service industry.

The identity is designed to reflect Folks's strong, opinionated and human mission - whilst also having practical, almost directive type elements, as part of the visual and spoken language.
︎︎︎ The arrow emphasises importance, direction and opinion.

︎︎︎ Coffee & food is ethically and sustainably made.  

︎︎︎ Folks pay and treat people with mutual respect.

We designed, wrote and developed a simple website with a strong message.

Story Direction & Copywriting

Sophie Gevind
Visual Direction, Design & Development
François Andrivet

Daiva Friedmann

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